The Entire Cornelius Collection | 4 Watches by Diefendorff | 42 mm | Swiss-made Movement

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    Why buy one when you can buy four?

    If you just can't get enough, we don't blame you, you can get the entire Cornelius Collection in one! Each watch will come with your choices of the vegetable dyed leather in tan or black or the mesh metal bracelet. (Yea, you can totally mix & match). 

    In addition, we'll throw in your choice of four additional straps or bracelets of your choice on our site.

    We will contact you prior to shipping so that you can select from the options in our entire portfolio of straps and bracelets. 

    When buying all four 


    Diefendorff watches are made with a Swiss-made movement (it's like the engine of the watch) and are assembled in the USA. But it's their style that makes them especially unique.

    It doesn't matter if you're headed out for a night out or stuck on your next conference call, you're unique and your watch should reflect your style. The Cornelius Collection watches adjust to every demand of the day - from informal to formal. It rejects conformity and breaks the mold of traditional dress watches by adding in an extra element of style. There are 17 big lines and 76 small lines etched into the stainless steel on the front and side of the watch - making it our patent-pending "1776 Case and Bezel" that can only be found on original Diefendorff watches.

    The coolest thing about this watch is the gray-brown "sunray" dial. When you first look at it, it's definitely a good gray color, but there's this very slight brown tint to it that is just so... different. It's the kind of thing that is so unexpected and once you notice it, you can't stop and it'll just make you smile. Like our other sunrays, it starts our bright in the center and gets a little darker as you mover closer to the edge of the dial. The way the brass is brushed gives it a cool depth and the final transparent paint coat catches the light.

    This blue "sunray" dial is very striking. The dial starts out bright towards the center with a subtle darkening of color as you move closer to the edge. It's easy to get lost in the details of the ever-so-slight etching on the brushed brass - etched lines that mimic the sun and catch the light in a way that shows off the detail.

    Let's face it, green watches are a little rare. This once always catches the eye and always catches a compliment. There's just something about it. For sure, the "sunray" effect definitely makes this possible. Just like our other sunrays, it starts out brighter in the center and gets just a little bit dark the more you move to the edge of the dial. The brushed brass catches the angles of the light and show off how detailed of a process it is to create this effect.

    When we were designing this watch and first saw this carbon fiber dial, we only had one thought "I have to have it!" Carbon fiber is a very strong material made of thing crystalline filaments of carbon. It's used in everything from bicycles to aerospace! This is a special woven carbon fiber dial that creates a fascinating texture and sense of dimension to the dial of your watch.

    The contrast of the white minute and hour hands make it easier to sneak in a look at the time when no one's looking because you won't have to squint to make out the time. In a darkened room or for when you're out at night, the "lumed" (or glow in the dark) hands and minute markers make it easy to see the time.

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    All images of the watches & straps are of the prototypes. There will be slight differences with the production models. 

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