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Diefendorff Spring Bar Tool by Bergeon | Strap and Bracelet Changing Tool


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One of the most fun things to do with a watch is to change its look from time to time by changing the watch's leather strap or metal bracelet. It feels like you got an entirely new watch! 

Luckily, Diefendorff watches are designed to make it rather easy to change the straps or bracelets and especially using this spring bar tool. This tool, which is custom-made for Diefendorff, is Swiss-made by the famed company Bergeon which is known for high-quality watch tools, equipment and accessories. 

You can use this spring bar tool on a Diefendorff watch (or almost any watch for that matter) to quickly switch out your straps or metal bracelets by inserting the pointed end of the tool into the pre-drilled holes on the lugs to release the current strap/bracelet. You can then use the fork end of the tool to help guide the new spring bars on your new strap or bracelet and secure it to the watch.

Please note: this spring bar tool is currently in production in Switzerland and will not be available for shipment until November 2018. 

Lingo check, since not everyone knows watch-speak:

  • Lugs are the tiny pieces that stick out on the top and bottom of a watch and that hold the spring bar and straps to the stainless steel case.
  • A spring bar is a tiny piece of metal called a spring bar that has, you guessed it, springs on either or both ends of the bar. This creates tension and, when inserted into the end of a strap or metal bracelet, is what holds the strap to the watch itself.