Cornelius Collection Watch by Diefendorff (Green Sunray Dial) | 42 mm | Swiss Movement



    It doesn't matter if you're headed out for a night out or stuck on your next conference call, you're unique and your watch should reflect your style. The Cornelius Collection watches adjust to every demand of the day - from informal or formal. It rejects conformity and breaks the mold of traditional dress watches by adding in an extra element of style. There are 17 big lines and 76 small lines etched into the stainless steel on the front and side of the watch - making it our patent-pending "1776 Case and Bezel" that can only be found on original Diefendorff watches. 

    This green "sunray" is fascinating. It's just the right balance of green - not too much and not too little. Not too dark and not too bright.  The dial starts out light in the center and darkens as you move closer to the edge. It's easy to get lost in the details of the ever-so-slight etching on the baked enamel - etched lines that mimic the sun and the coloring of the dial. The contrast of the white minute and hour hands make it easier to sneak in a look at the time when no one's looking because you won't have to squint to make out the time. In a darkened room or for when you're out at night, the "lumed" hands and minute markers make it easy to see the time. 

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