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Wearing Diefendorff’s Revolutionary Spirit


"It’s always a pleasure to wear a watch with carefully considered design details, and the Diefendorff Cornelius 1776 is one of those watches."


Diefendorff Brings Brooklyn Cool to Your Wrist


"I found this thing to be quite well-made and handsome."


Founder's interview on About Time

Watch our video with YouTube's own Patrick Marlett (Click on the embedded to the video).

16 High-End Luxury Gift Ideas For Him

Lining up the Diefendorff Cornelius 1776


"It can be difficult for a new brand to create something that stands out, or just simply catches our eye. With the ripples on the top surface of the Diefendorff Cornelius 1776, my eye was caught. "


New Born-in-Brooklyn Watch Brand Comes to Fruition After Year of Research and Design

A great overview of the Diefendorff story.

9 High-End Luxury Gifts For Clients | Charm Your Clients


"Each piece features striking dials in colors like federal blue and forest green, and beautiful leather straps made with traditional vegetable dye instead of harsh chemicals. Clients will love having a signature piece that is meticulously crafted and has historical significance!"


Founder's interview on ContenderCast

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