Diefendorff, Inc.

Black and Red Carbon Fiber Watch Strap | Diefendorff


Carbon fiber as a watch strap? Oh yes! This one is fantastic. It's actual carbon fiber sewn onto a leather backing and it goes great with, naturally, our carbon fiber dial. Its 22 millimeter width means it's perfect for all of Diefendorff's watches in the...

Diefendorff, Inc.

The Entire Cornelius Collection | 4 Watches by Diefendorff | 42 mm | Swiss-made Movement

$3,046.00 $3,646.00

The Watch 7 Points of Difference Just the Details Save $600.00 when you get the entire Cornelius Collection! Why buy one when you can buy four? If you just can't get enough, we don't blame you, you can get the entire Cornelius Collection in one!...


Woven Carbon Fiber Dial Watch by Diefendorff Swiss Movement

$799.00 $949.00

When we were designing this watch and first saw this carbon fiber dial, we only had one thought "I have to have it!" Carbon fiber is a very strong material made of thing crystalline filaments of carbon. It's used in everything from bicycles to aerospace!...