Diefendorff, Inc.

Black and Gray Premium NATO Strap | Diefendorff


Our NATO straps are pretty sweet. The great thing about NATO straps in general is that they are an affordable way to bring a lot of color and fun to your collection. They’re also easy to switch out as well. The great thing about the...

Diefendorff, Inc.

Black and Red Carbon Fiber Watch Strap | Diefendorff


Carbon fiber as a watch strap? Oh yes! This one is fantastic. It's actual carbon fiber sewn onto a leather backing and it goes great with, naturally, our carbon fiber dial. Its 22 millimeter width means it's perfect for all of Diefendorff's watches in the...

Diefendorff, Inc.

Black and Red Silicone Strap | Diefendorff


This beautiful black and red silicone strap is great for those who live an active lifestyle. It repels water - so it's great for swimming, diving, snorkeling and even just wearing in the shower. It also feels very smooth and the red stitching adds a...