What is an automatic watch?

What's an "Automatic Watch?"

January 12, 2018

An automatic watch is a type of mechanical watch and, yep, you guessed it – our first collection will be automatic.

Automatic watches are powered by a mechanical movement (e.g. no battery) but rather than have a person wind it by hand every day or so, there’s a thing that spins on the inside (a rotor) that winds the watch for you as you go about your day. In the picture above you can see the rotor, it's that thing that looks like a half circle on the left side of the watch's movement

All you have to do is wear the watch and walk around for a bit. It’s pretty sweet. A lazy man’s watch. I like that.


This is an 7-part series where we break down the confusing words of the watch world. Here's what's coming (will be linked when the articles publish). 

  1. What’s a “Movement” in a watch?
  2. What’s a “Mechanical Watch?”
  3. What’s an “Automatic Watch?”
  4. What’s a “Quartz Watch?”
  5. What are “Jewels” in a watch?
  6. What is “Water Resistance?”
  7. Do I have to “Service” a watch?

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