What the? The Top 7 Most Confusing Words in the Watch World

What are the parts that make up a watch?

Watches can be confusing. When I first started to get into them, really trying to understand what makes a watch great and not-so-great, I admit that the terminology was rather dizzying. 

It’s not just me. In some of our conversations with customers, they too expressed exasperation over the jargon. One person told me that they would have to look up every word to know what they mean and then still wouldn’t be sure they have enough information to make a purchase.  It’s like a whole new language!

And when you’re a self-professed watch nerd like me, once you learn the language, it’s easy to become comfortable and forget that other people aren’t along for the ride.

Test your knowledge about watches

I wanted to help clear the air. To create this post, I polled a bunch of people in the broader watch community and asked them about the words that they themselves find confusing or terms they note many watch newbies regularly ask about.  

Here are the Top 7 Words of the Watch World that beg for clarification:

  1. What’s a “Movement” in a watch?
  2. What’s a “Mechanical Watch?”
  3. What’s an “Automatic Watch?”
  4. What’s a “Quartz Watch?”
  5. What are “Jewels” in a watch?
  6. What is “Water Resistance?”
  7. Do I have to “Service” a watch?

What about you? Are there other terms that you find confusing? 

We'll add links to each of the above as we publish the articles. Stay tuned!