The Reverse Sale!

The Sale of All Sales! 

Starting today!

Since we do life differently, so we're going to do a "reverse closing" sale. Rather than have the discounts get deeper and deeper toward the end - we're switching it around. Here's how it'll work: 
  • 80% off, store-wide: now until Noon, December 4, 2020 (all times Central)
  • 70% off, until Noon, December 6
  • 60% off: until Noon, December 8
  • 50% off: until Noon, December 10
  • 40% off: until Noon, December 12
  • 20% off: until Noon, December 14
The important stuff:
  • While supplies last -- they are limited, especially on individual straps and bracelets.
  • Minimum $25 purchase
  • Discount will apply at checkout automatically
  • We will honor our two-year warranty on watches for any previous and new purchases.
  • We'll do standard UPS shipping for any order more than $100 in the United States (please allow extra time for shipping during the pandemic + holidays)
  • We're changing our return policy - all returns must be received by January 10, 2021


Here's the story: 

I've been dreading writing this blog post. It's time, though. This quote summarizes what's going on perfectly:

"If it didn't happen, it wasn't mean to be.
Let it go and make space for what is." 

This grand experiment didn't work out and Diefendorff's run is ending. To all of my customers, I can't thank you enough. Your loyalty and support means more than you can ever, ever know.  Seriously, the trust you put into me with your hard-earned money honors me deeply. I'm sorry this didn't happen.

I started Diefendorff in September 2017 to bring together my passions: watches (duh), design, entrepreneurship, and a general philosophy about life to "live adventurously." I poured blood, sweat, and tears (literally, all three) into the company and I will forever be proud of what I accomplished here: I took an idea, put pencil to paper, turned the pencil drawings into CAD drawings, found suppliers, registered four trademarks, filed for a design patent, met a lot of really great people and customers along the way. But it still wasn't enough. Sure, Covid-19 didn't help. 

I'm not going anywhere though, I'll still be here and I'll honor Diefendorff's 2-year warranty for all watch purchases, should anything come up (I'm proud to say that, to date, there hasn't been a single issue). That goes for any new, close out purchases (see below) as well. 

Thank you for coming along this journey with me. Some of you have been with me from the very beginning. Some of you signed up this week. You're all a part of the proverbial Diefendorff family. 

Sometimes you can go through life, make all the right decisions, and it still doesn't work out. I believe an accurate test of character is how you behave when you hit the floor -- do you dust yourself off and get back up? That's what I'm doing. 

All the best,

James Reeves
Diefendorff, Inc.