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What are the different parts of a watch? Take the quiz to find out.

Take the Watch Quiz!

How much do you know about watches? Know enough about the basic parts? Or do you want to learn? Try it out!

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Diefendorff Releases Its First Collection of Watches

Not all watches should look the same. Diefendorff, Inc. has released the design of its first collection of watches that include a very special & unique case design. In addition, the watches are powered by a Swiss-made movement - all by a company doing business with "7 Points of Difference."

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9 Tips: How a Guy Can “Up His Game” in Style

Let’s face it, it’s not easy for a guy to be stylish. Women have a lot more options – everything from different types of outfits to accessories to hair styles. We reached out to stylists and fashion experts to give some advice on how a guy can “up his game” in style and fashion. Here are the top 9 tips.

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Should you get your watch serviced?

What Does it Mean to "Service" a Watch?

Is getting a watch serviced important? Do you really need to do it? What's involved? Should you do it yourself?

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What does water resistance mean? Does it mean waterproof?

What Does “Water resistance” in a Watch Mean?

Is "water resistant" the same thing as "waterproof?" How do you measure water resistance? And what does ATM mean, anyway?

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What does 17 jewels mean? What does 26 jewels mean?

What are "Jewels" in a watch?

Rubies, sapphires & diamonds. Is that what is meant by "Jewels" in a #watch? Not quite. What does 26 jewels mean? What does 17 jewels mean? Are more jewels better in a watch? We answer all of the questions and more in this post to break fact from fiction for watches.

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What's a

What's a "Quartz Watch?"

How do quartz watches work? How are they different than mechanical watches? Are they a good watch to buy?

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What is an automatic watch?

What's an "Automatic Watch?"

What's the difference between an automatic watch and a mechanical watch? Is that different from a quartz watch? What makes an automatic watch work?

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What is a mechanical watch movement?

What’s a “Mechanical Watch?”

What are the two main types of watches? Here we explain what a mechanical watch is as part of our 7-part series breaking down the confusing words of the watch world.

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What’s a “Movement” in a watch?

What’s a “Movement” in a watch?

The lingo of the watch world can be confusing. What is a "Movement?" This post from a longer-series breaks down the language so you can learn about what you're buying.

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What the? The Top 7 Most Confusing Words in the Watch World


At first watches are straight forward - they tell time. But once you start to do a little digging, various words start to pop up that make you want to shake your head out of confusion.  Here we break down the 7 most confusing terms.

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