Diefendorff Can Take A Compliment

Do you like getting a compliment? We do. And we caught a big compliment from Us Weekly recently. Diefendorff Watches is featured in their 2019 Father’s Day gift guide! That’s right - you’ll find Diefendorff's watches in the company of today’s hottest Father’s Day gifts.

We blush!

Us Weekly curated a solid list of gift ideas that cover the range of emotions, from whimsical to sentimental to luxurious.

Father's Day Sale

Of course, we think every dad deserves a Diefendorff. And to foster our vision of a Diefendorff on every dad’s wrist, we’re having a Dads + Grads Sale! Through June 16, you’ll get $150 off the purchase of any Diefendorff watch.

But, wait. There’s more! You’ll also receive our very own Diefendorff spring bar tool, manufactured for Diefendorff by the famous Swiss company, Bergeon. This spring bar tool makes changing the straps on your watch easier (we like the versatility of our watches).

So, don’t delay. You know you’ll wind up with a panic gift if you do. Take a hint from Us Weekly and get dad a Diefendorff. Then get ready for all the compliments coming your way.