Diefendorff Releases Its First Collection of Watches

August 06, 2018

It's here! Today is the day that we finally release the design of our first watches - the Cornelius Collection. 

I could write all day about what makes them unique, but I thought you might enjoy seeing them rather than reading about them. So I recorded a short video for you where I talk about each watch and what I like about the design. Check it out. 

But in case you're at work and can't watch a video ... or rather have a video play with audio that everyone can hear... here are some highlights. 

Unique 1776 Case & Bezel

We wanted to make sure that our watches were unique, so we designed a case that can only be seen on a Diefendorff watch. Reflecting Diefendorff's inspiration, we created a watch that has 17 big lines and 76 small lines that adorn the front and side of the watch. This is what makes it the 1776 Case & Bezel. 

It's so unique, actually, that we filed for a design patent on it and are awaiting confirmation on whether or not we will be granted the patent. 

Watches with a Swiss-Made Movement

We honor Henry Diefendorff's Swiss heritage by including a Swiss-made movement inside the watch. A movement is kind of like the engine of a watch and it's probably the most important part of a watch that determines quality. No one does watch movements like the Swiss. 

Made in the USA Leather Straps

The leather straps that come with our watches will be both Made in the USA and vegetable dyed. We specifically sought out suppliers based in the US to also reflect the roots of our brand's inspiration in fighting for the American cause. We also went out of our way to find vegetable dyed leather because it cuts down significantly on harsh chemicals that are used in modern dyeing techniques. Vegetable dye leather is also a technique that has been used for centuries and is most likely the same way leather was dyed during Henry Diefendorff's time. 

A Watch Company with 7 Points of Difference

These are just a few of the key points about our watches. You can read more about how we're doing business differently by reading about all of our 7 points of difference - including that our watches are assembled in the US. 




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